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Multi-Level Marketing: The Sad Truth Behind Women Being Pressured Away From Home


When I do housework, I love to listen and learn to a whole range of things, mainly through podcasts and Youtube videos. For some reason, it’s just a little boring to me to just be physically working when there isn’t much going on up there – I like to learn new things, to think, especially as I look after our home.

One Youtube video that was recommended to me was this, The Dangers of Multi-Level Marketing, by a user called Rachel Oates, whom I’ve never actually seen before. My Youtube subscriptions usually have items like documentaries or infographics, aside from some Conservative themes. So I was a little surprised when her video was recommended though I did know something about MLMs and I had a bit of an idea of what she would say. Something along the lines of pyramid schemes, the products are whack and you don’t actually become your own boss or make money. You end up having to try and con family and friends into joining or buying scam products, damaging relationships just for that entrepreneurial income. Yes, I know and it is horrible.

What really got to me while listening to Rachel was the reasons and research behind why women are resorting to these MLM scams, reflecting the issues going on with society and women. Women make up 75% of those involved in MLM, it’s been around for decades too. Women feel the pressure to still be a provider and make just as much income when they’re having babies, they want more time at home with family, so they resort to these MLM schemes. Schemes that promise them they could:

– Make a great income just at home, even better than they did at their 9-5
– Be their own ‘boss’ or ‘boss babe’ and set their own hours

This tells us two things, many women feel the need to be at home with their family more, which many women do instinctively have but don’t admit! A woman’s domestic care is something that is priceless yet that is being smothered by the second thing: this society does not value women’s domesticity and treats them as if they were men-providers. Mothers who stay at home to raise their children are looked down upon, seen as lazy or leeches, more money and salary and high financial standards are the norm.

Simplicity in life and time with family is ‘not’ in trend. Even by modern men, women’s worth are judged by their ‘independence’ and ‘career’, how well she can make money on her own without having to be burdened by family. Without having to be looked after. Her domestic care has no worth because it brings no $$$, just time.

Essentially, this sort of thinking has had its damage over the last few decades, ever since the rise of second wave feminism. Men have been released of their responsibilities to be the main provider, to be a protector and to live up to their manhood, essentially. Now women wonder why (most) men are hardly ambitious today, they are aimless and take forever to grow up, because women released them from having to live up to their manhood. To have to provide and protect for their families, to compete and fight in their careers for the very best for their loved ones, supported by their partners.

No, it’s each gender to its own.

You also wonder why so many men feel desperate for responsibilities and direction and are drawn to the inspiring messages of great male thinkers such as Jordan Peterson.

Here’s an idea!

How about we allow women, domestic women..
…to be domestic women?

How about we allow women to prioritise home-life balance and (in a healthy, non-scammy way) find a way to make their own part-time living, without all the judgement and resentment?
How about we stop pressuring women to act like male providers for just more money and encourage, simpler, less-consumeristic living?

That’s what led to the messes and damages of the MLM schemes in the first place, they target women who want more balance in life and at home. Women who are vulnerable but are still pressured and pushed in society, feeling like an MLM is the only way.

It’s not. Outside the social media hype and the judgement, there is a way outside of the box.

There is a way.

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