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Feminism Is The Biggest Source of ‘Toxic’ Masculinity

Maybe it started when rich ladies started to use the poor women to get their votes back…

One of the most hypocritical things about the feminist movement is even in its wording – feminism – feminine. It demonstrates an illusion that it fights for females and femininity, which is the driving force of women.
It actually simply fights for women to act like men.

One of the promises feminism makes is that it empowers women, since there seems to be a lack of power for women in society.

What is power?

This is the question that really drives it in deep for me. The way feminists frame ‘power’ is only in masculine terms, completely disregarding the power of the feminine. Power in the terms of extreme capitalist views, power in terms of aggression and power in terms of materialism. This is all surface-level, aesthetic things. These do not take into account the power of emotion, influence (both in and out) and personal contentment in life. Freedom.

When they say they want women to be empowered, they mean to have a great job and lots of money (physical), they mean women to have powerful positions in society (external political/social power) and to have a strong voice by being loud, bullying other groups of people and being vindictive. I’m not saying all feminists act that way, though the biggest feminist groups showcase this (just look at the women’s march, Hillary Clinton, feminist celebrities, this is what they fight for) to the public.

It’s all physical, material stuff.

What about the more feminine, intangible aspect of life?

As someone who does have some familiarity with history and spirituality, femininity is about openness and receptivity, the yin to the yang. It’s the opposite of the masculine, actually.

It’s not about having control and being aggressive to those who do not align with you, in fact it’s keeping yourself open to ideas and letting things flow. Letting people be what they are and if what they are doing is negative, it will affect them eventually.
It’s the power of warmth and nurturing, caring for others without seeking physical/external power and influence. It’s not seeking more material and financial gain. It’s seeking to have a comfortable life where you can be content and think in an abundant mindset. A fertility mindset.

Our society lacks femininity. I’m not saying females in general (since they still dominate, population-wise), but society has become a power struggle about which gender has more overt control and who has the money.
That’s a masculine power.
Where is the feminine power? The ability to understand, accept and respect (without shunning and bullying others), the ability to nurture?

It isn’t money and a ‘powerful’ position, yet it’s still power.
With feminine power, you learn to relax, live and let live. You see the difference you make to those around you that you care for. You learn to be comfortable and content.

Does that make you weak? No.
Femininity teaches you how to get the choices and life you want, not through aggression and overt force, but through grace and intelligence. Women throughout history have done it, using their guile and beauty to get their message across and succeeding in life (let’s start with Cleopatra, Catherine Parr, Joan of Kent, Florence Nightingale and so on). Of course, paired with hard work.
These are just the ones who happen to be famous, what about the countless non-famous women worldwide, in the past and present who are living happy lives the way they want to, with freedom and choice without picking on others?
I feel it in my life. I live the way I want to, work and commit to my home in my way, I have all that I need and I have the time to enjoy every day with my family. I am oppressed by no man, I’m comfortable.

You don’t have to be on the front page or a lavish office to be the most powerful force in your life.

Women, let’s be proud of our femininity and its power. Let’s take it back.

3 thoughts on “Feminism Is The Biggest Source of ‘Toxic’ Masculinity

  1. I couldn’t have made the point that femininity has has always been powerful more clearly myself. smoking, swearing and drinking in excess, have never been points of power for me, even in men. Many feminists today, have done nothing more than turned themselves into mini me’s of men. It’s sad really, we’ve always had THE power, women were just too blind to see it.

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    1. Thanks! I don’t even think those are a masculine thing, either. Those are just habits. I mean the aggression and control, the greed. I understand that to some extent, it was an evolutionary survival tactic since men are providers and protectors, so they need aggression and greed in a competitive world – though in excess it’s harmful. Yet women are nurturers and nesters, those strengths shouldn’t be ignored in favour of the other..that’s real sexism.
      Women have been pretty blind the last century.


      1. I couldn’t agree more. We carry within ourselves the power to make changes that would really benefit not only those in our nuclear families, but those in our community. Unfortunately, our society has chosen coarse behaviors as a way of wielding power. I remember my grandmother saying,
        “You catch more flies with honey, than you do with vinegar”. Amazing woman she was. She raised a young family during the depression, made sure they were fed, clothed and given shelter . She never wore pants in her life and yet she could do the long form of income tax, with all of it’s withholdings and deductions and did them correctly for over forty years. She used her creativity to make her house, though humble, comfortable and inviting. She overlooked the family budget and made sure that she and my grandfather’s retirement years would be more comfortable because of her wise oversight of expenditures. Now if that’s not power, if that’s not a strong woman, I don’t know what is.

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