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A Better Economic Future Pt. 1: F*ck The Fear-Mongering

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It’s actually quite hilarious to me when I hear the Left making complains about the ‘fear-mongering’ that President Trump seems to be doing in regards to illegal immigration.

When it’s already been proven that illegal immigration has damaged the economy and the safety of the country. It’s not fear-mongering if it is true.

I’m a legal immigrant to Australia – there is a huge difference to when you enter a country with the proper provisions and qualifications to hiding around. I would know.

Anyway, enough about that, since I need a whole other post just to go over that topic.

What is real fear-mongering?

The whole mindset of economics and the GDP in the Western world.

A mindset that is setup to doom every future family even more compared to the previous generation.

I’m a huge advocate for traditional, simple living where domestic women (and partners) are allowed the sufficient, proper time to look after the home and food in order for a couple or family (either) to have lots of quality time. It is completely against the rat race as well as work-work-work approaches such as FIRE.

When I meet people, both young men and women as to why they feel a traditional living is not possible, there’s always a myriad of first-world-level excuses.

‘What about the mortgage?’
‘I want to leave something for my children since the economy will only get worse.’
‘We need this ___ and ___ and ___’
‘What if I get sick or lose work?’
‘What about debt?’

If you lived in a third world country in Asia like I used to, there’s no proper healthcare, bare bones government support and open starvation on the streets, I would believe you.
Not in the first world, Western country.
(Some areas of America are iffy, I know that though)

Do you know why houses are getting more expensive and wages are not rising as much?
Do you know why interest rates are starting to rob you more and more?

Because you let it happen.

You are letting it happen now.

Your parents, the generation before you let it get to this point too, of course.

When prices rise, the common Western person complains, shrugs then goes off to keep working and pay the newer price. Take for example, the housing market. You see the cycle, some funky news outlet like 60 minutes goes on and on for 60 minutes (duh) about the rising costs of buying a house. We all get angry and talk amongst our friends and families about how our children will struggle when they get older.
Then we go back to work just as usual, for longer now, to pay off the bigger price rather than actually doing something about it.

The more I read on lifestyles and economics, the more I’m starting to believe that mortgages and buying houses are not really an option we should support anymore since, in short, they literally keep screwing us up with money.

The way we approach ‘setting up for a future’ now is just allowing banks, high-level land owners and the government (some of it) to literally dry us up and then dry up our children. This system is not sustainable.

I’ve heard this from a couple I know. They want to buy a house, then buy another one for investment or possibly renting, this would need so many years of work and definitely will require both partners for a long time, missing out on quality time for the couple and especially the children when they come. That would mean being stuck in the rushing, rat race of life for most of their lives. That’s already a high price.
They want to have inheritance money from the properties for their children to have something when they’re adults themselves.
If costs keep rising with the wage growth being so slow, think about it. They may leave some behind for their children, though what did it really cost?
What would be the new, even worse prices for homes then and how much would that inheritance actually be once it comes into the equation?
Wouldn’t those kids, by then grown-up, have to make the difference over time with even more work? More loss of quality of time in their lives than their parents?
Is it really worth all the personal and financial sacrifice in life for all those decades?


Think about it and don’t set up your children for the worst by encouraging the unhealthy economic approaches of today.

If you keep just accepting and adjusting to the higher prices and less than ideal wages, you are telling these ‘big players’ that it’s okay.

It’s okay I’ll just work harder.
It’s okay I’ll just pay more.
Might as well carry a sign that says ‘Take all I’ve got!’

Even the peasants of the French Revolution eventually stopped putting up with sh*tty circumstances!

The banks, the loaners, the government will try to scare you. In a very similar way to the insurance people, really. You’ll get sick, your family will be poor and it’s all over. You won’t be able to get a house and you’ll be cast to the street and your children’s lives are doomed. You can’t leave them hundreds of thousands of dollars behind, they’ll drown in bills and anguish.

Please. Try living in a third world country. You’ll see real financial horror.

So let’s get to the better point – how do you step out of the rat race? How do you stop contributing to unsustainable economies?

I’ll cover that in my next post, coming up.

Let’s stop fearing it and start ending it. 


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