Dear Dr Peterson

Thank you for coming to read my work, I know our meeting was brief and I admit, I was too nervous to say everything I needed to say.

By now, you would know of my site and would be visiting it, so please allow me my sentiments for you.

I mentioned to you who I am and what I believe in, your role in supporting the traditional relations between men and women and what would make them happy truly inspires me- I can’t thank you enough for being such a strong, informative light onto my life and that divine purpose you just mentioned this evening. I know mine.

I know the last couple of years have been heavy for you and your family too though I can see you and Tammy and your children have come through so well. I saw how she supported you tonight and you are both so lovely to each other. Things can get tough and you yourself said that life will have its challenges and though you’ve given us so much of your wisdom, please do also be kind to and take care of yourself through the ups and downs. I, as well as many of your supporters also want you to live well and happily.

All the best and my warmest regards.

That Stepford Gal

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