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Nurture The Home, Nurture The World



One thing I truly take pride in as a woman is looking after my family from the inside and making sure our home is a warm, happy one.

The past few months I’ve also been taking a personal journey of learning towards nurturing and looking after an even bigger home – Earth. Our planet and at this point, our only home. For many years it has nurtured mankind, been built on and its resources used, though as I’ve discussed recently with materialism and greed, it was not used wisely enough.

Now, I’m a staunch conservative and I’m no Greenie – it is just about common sense. If I want to look after my house as a woman, why wouldn’t I want to look after where my house is? Where my children’s house will be and their children’s children? One thing I have found (in my general experience) is that the conservative side doesn’t shine too much light onto conservation and care for the Earth (see the vague pun?).

Left or right, we all live in this world and though this is a jaded way to look at it, we need to keep it going and take care of it, if we want to keep having somewhere to live and debate!

So far, the more Liberal Left have been better at being aware of environmental issues and looking after our planet and not so much from the Right. Yes, some of their research or solutions may sometimes be misguided (think vegan protests!), though they’re still way ahead.

I have always found this odd since the Traditional Right has its roots in more olden days where families were indeed more environmentally-friendly due to the way they consumed less, used more and were increasingly content with that. That being said, consumerism and too much materialism has heavily affected everyone.

It is for these reasons I’ve taken a more considerate approach towards what I use and consume. Aside from the materialism/consumerism I stand against, I now also follow a more environmental approach. The best way to start change is within yourself and your lifestyle. If you are a homemaker, this is even more important since this is a larger scale form of homemaking. Earth is home, thus it deserves our womanly care and nurturing too (of course everyone should too, it is a team effort).

Think about your carbon footprint and how much you reuse your things. How much waste you can generate. How much you use plastic. If you are a Domestic Woman who lives simply and frugally, you may be already doing this to an extent as well, though there’s no harm in making more informed choices within your home.

Don’t worry- I’m not going vegan. I’m also not dyeing my hair rainbow and drinking kombucha all day. I’m also not marching on the streets screaming at people for eating meat. I’m still doing what I do, teaching, homemaking, crafting. I’m just doing certain things with a bit more care for the environment.

This is not just about sides anymore. This is about doing what you can, as an individual to look after the biggest home of them all.

Stay tuned and I’ll soon have a following post on easy, applicable tips on how to be an Earth-friendly Homemaker!

4 thoughts on “Nurture The Home, Nurture The World

  1. Thanks for touching on this issue! I am also a conservative, but have been turned off from the conservative party in my country (the US) due to their VERY dismissive attitude towards environmentalism. (That being said, I’ve been turned off of the liberal country for a variety of reasons… so… I guess maybe I’m a moderate? Or nothing?) I also feel like protecting the Earth is usually both the more frugal choice and one that we owe to our children, to leave this place for them to enjoy. Looking forward to more of your posts on this topic in the future 🙂

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    1. I apologise I didn’t see this!
      I know, right? The environment shouldn’t be a left or right thing, it’s everyone’s issue! It’s good to be moderate as well. Protecting the Earth is about all of humanity, if you look at it that way, we need to sustain our home if we’re going to want to keep up the Left vs Right debate! Haha.


  2. I get this. I’m a conservative and hate the whole left climate hysteria, but I do try and be earth conscious. In the States we had that whole plastic straw debacle, and while I don’t support laws against plastic straws, I do see them as wasteful. Same with plastic bags. I try and use rags rather than paper towels and it always hurts me when I use a throwaway cup at a restaurant. It’s funny because I feel like expressing these things would make me seem like a lefty so I never do publicly.

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    1. Being Earth conscious shouldn’t be on a ‘side’, it’s a concern for anyone living on this Earth.
      It’s good to hear from someone else that they are also using these eco-friendly measures at home. You know what though? I’m also the same as you! I do think about if people will perceive me as a lefty.


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