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What Is That Stepford Gal Reading Right Now? – September 2019


Hello hello!
This busy month has been filled with more work than I expected, both in and out of the home (I’m bracing from both sides!), yet somehow I’ve had some time to read.

I held back on posting somewhat earlier since I wanted to be able to read more of these books (or finish them entirely) so I can have a more in-depth opinion on them. Thank you for your patience, truly.

Recently, I’ve been trying to Marie-Kondo my books though unfortunately it hasn’t worked at all. I need a lot of my books for reference for the works I do and write – I’m also that sort of person that cannot resist entering Dymocks or Robinsons and leaving without at least one paperback in my arms. I fully admit it, my book shelves are straining and begging for mercy. However, I’m glad to say that my new purchases and reads I went back to have all been so great. Give them a gander!

That Stepford Gal’s Reading Spread – September 2019

1. The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday
If you are a fan of Stoicism or even if you are looking for a practical yet motivating book, this one’s for you. Holiday is a famous motivational writer who teaches important lessons based on Stoic principles, regarding perseverance, strength and mental resolve, through both good and bad times. In this read, he outlines many famous people’s struggle through adversity, the mindsets they had and the actions born from that that helped them to conquer it all.

2. Curing Affluenza by Richard Denniss
It shouldn’t be too surprising that I like this book, especially since I am a big supporter of the ideas of simple, traditional living. In Curing Affluenza, economist Denniss explains the harmfulness of overconsumption and how this destructive behaviour is being normalised in the West. It creates a false sense of need and drives away from contentment, many people in the West feel ‘poor’ or lacking when usually, they’re not. You may know some of this already, however he truly pulls back the page on this and shows the amazing statistics of economic activity behind it and the attitudes of different industries involved.

3. The Shallows by Nicholas Carr
Something that I have been quite aware of the last few months is how I spend time online, especially how I can pass minutes and even an hour by sometimes with mindless surfing. It’s a concerning thing, while in small doses it can be good to relax, in bigger doses it wastes time and only begins to make chunks of your life useless. In The Shallows, Carr explains the journey of mankind from verbal to textual to online communication and how this has changed the brain. This also includes dangers that it brings in the way people entertain themselves with the internet and how they can become addicted.

4. Medieval Lives by Terry Jones
History is my thing and I can never say no to a book that looks at historical topics with a unique edge. I’ve had enough of big textbooks and huge readings, I prefer lighter yet educational books that have a twist. If that sounds good to you, pick up Medieval Lives. It concentrates on the lives and contexts of several common medieval figures – monks, entertainers, peasants, knights, outlaws and will definitely enlighten you with some facts that you didn’t expect (no thanks to the stereotypes of medievalism by big media) and paints a colourful picture of their world.

5. Factfulness by Hans Rosling
I know. A lot of my content on this blog can be quite depressing. I point out the damages of feminism, modern living and consumerism here all the time and it can easily make most people lose hope in the future.
Worry not. Have a read of Factfulness and turn some of your thinking around on some of the most common (sad) misconceptions of the world. Is there less poverty now? Would you say no? The answer is yes. Girls are now more educated than ever. The world has a higher vaccination rate than ever before. There are things to be proud of and more achievements for humankind than you think, it will be very clear once you go through this book.

All these books now stand close to my bed (or were recently there) in a little shelf of their own, while the rest are squeezing for space everywhere else. I always bring them with me, whether on paper or digitally and they are a pocket of solace whenever I’m working or travelling or just have time at home.

I know I did say I was going to move more into fiction last year, though I promise I have! I just mainly listen to these titles nowadays. Hercule Poirot and Mythos are my current loves but I’m not quite done with them yet. So I guess..more of an audiobook? They have such great narrators, I couldn’t help myself.
Perfect to listen to when I’m doing my needlework.

Hopefully these titles find their way into your shelves…or on your digital audio library!

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