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International Women’s Day – An Excuse To Self-Pander For Most


I never celebrate this day, not at all .

While the idea in itself is admirable, celebrating women and their contribution to history, the execution and message almost always is wrong.
I do believe women have made a great contribution to history – they are thinkers, mothers and carers who have worked hard to populate the world. They are the reason we are alive right now.

In fact, I believe in female power. Actual feminine power, not the fake femininity that’s a rip-off of masculinity that feminists like to aggressively show. I do wish I could celebrate that and in small ways, I try to within my personal life. I am thankful to my mother for when she was raising me when I was young, I am very thankful to my grandmother who helped me to be the woman I am today.

What I see when it comes to any mention of International Women’s Day is not the praise of great women and femininity. That’s not even the whole issue. The main problem is the fact that it’s used a vehicle to ‘empower’ women with all this ‘kumbaya, love yourself’ type of messaging.
It’s actually insulting. It’s the fact that a trillion posts on social media, articles and videos all work towards the same goal – trying to make women feel good about themselves. As if we are little children who need to be reassured by the grown-ups, it’s degrading.

I’ve had some challenges in my life, living a domestic lifestyle in a very modern, materialistic society – I appreciate the acceptance and support of my family and friends. I don’t need to be told by almost every piece of media I encounter that I’m doing great or I’m amazing or whatever (as if I am the sort of woman they actually mean to say it to).
I can see how I contribute to society through what I do and I’m not so weak-minded as to perpetuate and desire this type of coddling. Feminists just love to do this sort of thing. Patting the little toddler-followers on the head.

The more independently one feels and thinks, the less they need self-esteem stroking.

Even then, self-esteem technically isn’t that important, it’s a symptom of a society of therapism. Criminals have high self-esteem and a sense of worth through the roof. Feeding the ego and self-esteem is not really the way to be a better person, as is the common school of thought, especially for raising the young. It’s through resilience and having a strong mind. Not needing to be told everything you do or who you are is amazing, outstanding, strong or whatever else.

Every now and then people do need encouragement, there’s a difference between showing support and emotional coddling. Some random on the internet or worse, a company who wants push the feminist label for more sales don’t really know you or care about you when they say the things they do during International Women’s Day. They want your money or to stroke their own ego by doing emotional charity.
The real acceptance and encouragement that truly matters are the ones from people who actually know you and love you for who you are.

Maybe one day International Womens’s Day will actually be about feminine power – grace and intelligence, not aggressiveness. It would celebrate great women who have shown these values and have cared for the world without beating men down.
Instead of this drivel.

6 thoughts on “International Women’s Day – An Excuse To Self-Pander For Most

  1. Your posts are so refreshing! In a world where it feels like I’m drowning in messages of modernistic views of women and girls, it’s nice to meet someone who thinks like me! I always am happy to see your posts in my WordPress reader!
    (It’s nice to meet you, by the way! My mom showed me a post from your blog once and I just had to follow! It’s so hard to find a blog that is truly encouraging, but yours has been awesome!)

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    1. Thank you Penny! I’m always so glad to see these comments and read them, it gives me a bit more hope within the world that people have their head on.
      Aww thank you to your Mom as well for her support! I will keep writing and fighting the good fight, for people like you guys!


  2. It’s funny how all over social media, these major organizations bring together women who all look different but think identically (true diversity) to share vague platitudes that are supposed to be inspirational. Everyone watching it could have boyfriends, husbands or even just friends who could motivate them and make them smile in a much more meaningful way than some random online video ever could.

    Feminism was supposed to allow women the freedom to choose how to live instead of all women being forced into a certain lifestyle. Yet, instead, I find more and more women berate other women as a “disgrace to womanhood” when they make different choices. International women’s day lures out so much of this divisiveness as people use it as a platform to define what they consider to be “womanhood”. It’s sad.

    As always, I appreciate your perspective. I don’t support this current highly political version in the slightest, but I would gladly celebrate all the ways that women make our lives here great. The graceful, caring, loving unsung heroes who make us feel loved like no one else could, rather than the constantly combative ones.

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    1. There is definitely much more meaning to having a person you actually know encourage you. All this virtue signalling only shows me how fragile their egos and confidence are.

      Someone once told me that it’s always been women more so than men who tell other women what to do and I believe that wholeheartedly. Women are naturally quite divisive since they’re naturally more attuned to emotional conflicts (rather than physical). I admit this is a bit of a generalised comment, though.

      Women should be celebrated for their femininity, which is almost always what they contribute in immaterial ways. Just because it’s not economical, doesn’t mean it’s worthless. It’s value is endless.


  3. When I was in college, I studied in the Crimea for a semester (in the 90s). Women’s Day was not big in the US then, but it was and still probably is in Russia. I believe it was actually started as a holiday during communism. We thought it was ironic that in Russia, it is just another day where women do a lot of cooking. And yet our college newspaper at the time said Americans should be more into equality like the Russians and celebrate International Women’s Day! Of course, now it’s celebrated here too, but I wonder if many women know its communist roots.

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    1. I didn’t know this at all and it’s interesting how this has been twisted in concept, with the way it’s celebrated has utterly changed. I wonder how they’d compare side to side now.


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