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That Stepford Gal Video Gaming – What Am I Playing Now? – August 2020


I’m honestly not sure if I have mentioned this somewhere before in my previous posts though I’m quite the avid gamer (cue all the funky comments) when I’m into it. I can go into phases where I don’t play at all and then become intensely interested in particular titles.

I tend to enjoy more solo games that have a historical element, in contrast to not liking futuristic settings at all!

Video games are a great way to learn depending on the title it is, having a healthy relationship with relaxing, learning to problem solve in them and gain a bit of knowledge is great. So what sort of games can you definitely do these things?

First of all my favourite –

  1. Assassin’s Creed. While not all of the games in its series are outstanding, there’s a reason why it’s a cult favourite. It broke new boundaries when it first came out more than a decade ago, revealing a gameplay style that combines stealth combat, unique assassin tools and the endless traversing of historical buildings, the most fun! It is well known that with every game there is a historical basis and you can learn along the way playing by reading the data entries and also just by exploring actual towns and places very faithfully recreated from long ago. Try Ancient Egypt or Greece. Renaissance Italy!
  2. The Witcher. May I say more at this point? I thoroughly enjoy the early medieval/viking influence of this game as well as the rich characters, my favourite being Geralt, naturally. Just going through this game gives you a great visual of historical Europe, runes, amazing architecture. You can hardly get tired of it while moving through the story and with the free roaming style of the game, there is not much pressure to finish the main plot line.
  3. Destroy All Humans. With its new remake just being released a month ago, this is a complete gem for those who just want to wreak a bit of havoc (a bit!) and enjoy the aesthetic and atmosphere that is definitely the 50s, even if a bit exaggerated. While it’s not too serious, it’s a great way to just de-stress, wreck some vehicles with your spaceship lasers and listen to some boppy music, along with the screams of the suburban people while fleeing.
  4. Resident Evil. This is a series I truly have followed for years, I still remember being quite scared as a kid when I first heard STARS! being barked out by ol’ Nemesis himself and trying to escape as Jill. Like with Assassin’s Creed, not every game is the best yet some of the most awesome titles makes it worth it. This is one of the few games I will co-op with someone, my best friend (you can in Revelations, 5 and 6) and we have hours of fun trying to tackle through zom ambushes and running up with first aid sprays!
  5. Story Of Seasons. If you want a game that has no fighting, is completely relaxed and requires some planning, then look no further than Story of Seasons since it is a wonderful farming game that sets you off at your own place, with your crops, animals and bachelors to marry! Bachelorettes too actually. You can build up your house, win with your crops at festival and get married for a family. Complete domestic bliss, rural country style. You don’t have to worry about much, though I end up stressing over exact crop dates and getting 1st place in all festival contests because I am a perfectionist (yay).

If you already love games, then awesome for you! If you haven’t played much, try some of these titles. With everyone staying at home nowadays, it’s a great distraction and a way to take care of yourself, by being able to enjoy a different world and time outside of all the hysteria going on. Or if you just want a break from humanity in general, I can’t blame you at all!

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