About That Stepford Gal


Good day!

I am Alex- a young, aspiring homemaker who shares my thoughts and research on this blog to inspire young women. Young women who feel tired of being alienated in a liberal society that does not put family and women’s traditional roles first.

A traditional family has been the crux of strength for mankind for centuries. Fathers work hard and fight for their wives and children while mothers go through the pains of childbirth and gives their time for the family and home. It is a unit that encourages gaining strength and happiness from one another. Not from how high their income can get, if they can get at least three holidays a year or how big their house was.

Family members were generous to each other but not materialistic. They did not live to work to buy. They did what they did for each other. Young women who understand this, how important family is in a liberal, money and self-worshipping world, will feel like the smallest of minorities. Labelled by feminists as wrong and misogynistic.

You are not alone. Somebody does feel this way in a modern world, f*ck political correctness. This is about what is correct for true happiness and family.

This blog is a place of support, the discussion of ideas and critical thinking. I hope you enjoy reading!

Love, Alex