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Women Should Be Seen, Not Heard?

Controversial statement, I know. To some it is definitely downright sexist, though let me explain. The common interpretation, the way most people take this statement to mean, I disagree with. Women should have the right to talk when they want to, about what they believe in. Everybody should have that right, as it is a…… Continue reading Women Should Be Seen, Not Heard?

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We Are Living In A Material World, But I Am No Material Girl

I truly think everyone is materialistic to some degree and a lot of the time it isn’t a bad thing. However, women seem to be losing themselves in materialism now more than ever. Clothes, makeup, bags, shoes, gadgets, these are all great things to have. Though women now seem to have so much of it,…… Continue reading We Are Living In A Material World, But I Am No Material Girl

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Feminism And Ugly Women: What?!

Strangely enough, my father had brought up something interesting while we were having a lengthy discussion about feminism. Do you think modern feminism, the wave from the 60s, was just made by the ugly women? I almost laughed it off. Absurd! I have been researching and reading on feminism, its initial benefits and the destructive…… Continue reading Feminism And Ugly Women: What?!