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Well, Damn! I Love Gavin McInnes

For those who feel a little alone at times being a TRW (Traditional Women’s Rights Activists) like me, basically having most of society against you, well I have a gem for you. His name is Gavin McInnes. Gavin McInnes is a host for the Youtube/journalism group called The Rebel Media and he openly speaks against feminism,…… Continue reading Well, Damn! I Love Gavin McInnes

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To My Fellow Women: Think For Yourself

No, this is not some feminist rant to inspire you to empower yourself— —well it might be. But one thing is that it’s not really feminist. Maybe first-wave feminist, but I don’t want the F-label on this. The ‘fact’ that the media and the economy sells to you- that the only way forward for you…… Continue reading To My Fellow Women: Think For Yourself

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My Fair Lady, Where Art Thou?

There is a reason why this blog has the word ‘traditional’ on the very tag line. Because what I say is based on tradition. Women nowadays have lost so much of their ladylike qualities and femininity to the point that they’re almost just like men. It is a horror show to see all the manners…… Continue reading My Fair Lady, Where Art Thou?

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Pretty Lady, Don’t Be Sad

What has saddened me lately is learning the fact that (at least in America) women now are more unhappy than ever. This study had shown that over the last few decades women’s contentment have sunken to a new low and stress levels are at their highest. Now I don’t want to assume this with every woman but…… Continue reading Pretty Lady, Don’t Be Sad